• Purposeful architecture

    Purposeful architecture

    Purposeful Architecture

    By addressing the dynamic challenges that every home owner experiences on a daily basis, and attempting to maximize the pleasure both aesthetically and pragmatically through intelligent design, we are able to create homes that aren’t just for living, but homes that enhance and improve our lives as well. Each Bond + Truss home is a uniquely expressive, couture design, strategically aimed to maximize curb appeal, minimize stress and stand alone from the crowd.
  • Thoughtful details

    Thoughtful details

    Thoughtful Details

    Geometry, spacial analysis, symmetry, intention, consistency and forethought are some of the key principals employed when determining the finishing details of a Bond + Truss home. Every effort is used to create spaces and surfaces that harmonize with their surrounding environment in an auspicious manner. These synergies create a home that is more beautiful and pleasing to the eye than the sum of its parts. Every detail may not be immediately perceived but together their beauty is evident.
  • Fine materials

    Fine materials

    Fine Materials

    Plans are just the beginning of the vision for your home. Strong and versatile building material are requisite in order to bring your vision to life. Forever homes must stand the test of time, wearing well over the decades to provide that same sense of satisfaction every time you walk through the front door. It's integral you choose building materials with serious strength and resilience; as well as, texture, beauty and grace. Bond + Truss building materials are not only hardy, smart and pleasing to the eye, they must also save you money on your energy bills and help manage noise.