• We must have looked at 50 new home builds in 2017 and the minute we walked into one of Grayson's projects, the difference was obvious. The attention to every detail, the quality craftsmanship, unique floor plans and thoughtful architecture just sets his homes apart. We love our new home, our friends love our new home and our family is always over to enjoy our home with us! I would tell anyone looking for a new house to call home to contact Grayson immediately!

    Jess M.
  • I've known Grayson for over 25 years and I would recommend him to anyone. He's been instrumental in helping me with home purchases, renovations and general consultation in numerous real estate related decisions. Not only does Grayson exhibit tremendous strength in important areas like character, integrity, work ethic, and relatability, what has impressed me the most is his kindness to every stakeholder - clients, trades, partners, contractors and even competitors. Grayson cares about building quality homes, but even more about building life-long relationships.

    Todd A.
  • Finally, a builder that understands quality! What we loved about working with Bond & Truss is that they aren't trying to take on 10 homes in a year to maximize profit. Grayson's goal is to build a truly unique home within a reasonable time frame, using quality materials. The value of quality vs. quantity is obvious, and he has found his niche! I can tell he truly loves what he's doing and it shows through in the final product!

    Taylor A.
  • I love our new home and feel very fortunate to live in such a lovely house, but what I appreciate the most about Bond + Truss is the service. No matter how big or seemingly insignificant any issue we've had since moving in, Grayson has personally addressed the issue in a timely manner. It's obvious that he takes great pride in his product and our enjoyment of our home is a top priority. If I had any questions, I know the answer is one phone call away!

    Russell A.